SafeControl Systems Solutions is the Software Engineering departmen of S O F A R G.P. Our department is working exclusivly on designing and emplemented Web and Native Software Applications mainly on the field ofERP and CRM systems. Our aim is to deliver taylored made applications that will meet the exact (and the specific cutomer) needs of the each project.The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest pride and our main source of motivation.

Safe Control Systems Solutions is a dedicated software development company that specializes in ERP and CRM systems. The main objective of Safe Control Systems Solutions is to furnish cutting edge systems that will provide safety and control of your entire company.

Our ERP and CRM systems are the backbone of your business.

Rich , they manage all your activities.

Open , they connect to your business tools to ensure the consistency of your information system.

Flexible , they follow you on a daily basis, adapt to your organization and your infrastructure.